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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How Not to Think About the Edge, pt 14314

I hate to go on about the same thing, but with thinking like this:

"...I'm no Howell fan, but blogger accusations that she is carrying water for the right or peddling some bias are completely unwarranted. Attacking somebody as if they are your enemy when they clearly aren't makes no sense. Unless, of course, you're among the perpetually aggrieved and you've tired of flogging the usual villains."

It's really no surprise that Slate is worth about 1/100th of MySpace.

Just another small example of why media will continue to be commoditized by the edge - rather than learn how leverage it.

-- umair // 7:49 PM // 2 comments


Ok - we hear you. These guys don't get it. But that's easy to say. Poof - you are now in charge of the Washington Post. How do you "leverage" this problem? Leave a bunch of crap posts in the name of free speech? How would you run it?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:56 PM

Precisely. Leave the posts up. What are you afraid of?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:31 AM

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