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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

India, China pin down $573m Syria deal

This is fascinating. The Great Oil Game continues. Very intriguing to see that India and China seem to be partnering for acquisition of oil resources. Could it be that China is suffering from winner's curse after the Petrokazakhastan deal?

Of course, the US is unhappy.

-- Mahashunyam // 3:26 AM // 3 comments


Its amazing how many hostile states to the US (as perceived by the US policy establishment) there are among the remaining energy-rich countries: Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Sudan, Myanmar, etc.

I think its clear what the next 20 years of geopolitics looks like: a massive commodities battle.
// Blogger chad // 4:41 AM

The work of parah khanna (World Economic Forum, Brookings) is pretty interesting regarding this. He basically talks about what China has to offer vs. the US and says for many countries it is more attractive
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:23 AM

Of course the U.S. is unhappy. "Its not enough that I should succeed--everyone else must fail."
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:26 PM

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