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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Madness of Crowds

One of my 06 predictions happening already...that the problems with the manifold new modes of production would be revealed.

Here's a related example: Digg's top 100 stories of 05...kind of suck. It takes a lot of scrolling to reach a truly significant story of the year.

The real point, though, is that despite the problems, they're still hyperefficient - what the problems point to is the new role editors will play; something more like DJs (which was another prediction :)

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Prediction #7, right?

"7) The manifold problems with future econ - peer production, the social, communities, anticonsumption, etc - become glaringly apparent. In these models, people often make bad decisions, they're irritating place to be sometimes, they're prone to navel-gazing, information contagion, and error cascades."
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