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Friday, January 27, 2006

Politics of the day

If I ever needed an evidence against Intelligent Design theory, here it is. Let's get acquainted with the Flaming Morons That Disprove Intelligent Design theory : Gerald Kesler and his cronies at the Nutritional Health Alliance.

Here's the main story:
Muslim bashing seemingly in vogue

Here's the poster made by NHA to rally its troops against Congressman Durbin.

Turban = terrorist, get it? Brown-skinned furriners with their weird cults, funny accents, towels on their heads and smelly food are America's enemies. So let's slap on a turban on an old white dude and call him a terrorist. Urrrrgh!!!

Words fail to describe how monumentally bigoted and idiotic this is.

Here's the kicker : since Kesler and his band of dipsticks can't even get their hating right, the turban in the picture is actually done in the Indian - Sikh style, not an Arabic/Middle Eastern one. Therefore, the Sikh American Legal Defense Fund has joined hands with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee to protest this.

Makes me sad to see how far the US has fallen and how deep the socio-cultural dysfunction in the American society is. Whatever happened to the America of Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington? Today, as a brown-skinned Hindu who actually happens to like many things about America and have many loved ones living there, it's unfortunately me and my brown-skinned brethren with roots in the Indian subcontinent who end up paying the price for such racist shiite in the US. After all, it's not Kesler who's going to be strip-searched at the airport : me, my cousins, and my brown Sikh and Muslim friends will.

-- Mahashunyam // 1:52 AM // 3 comments


You know, that is so stupid, it's actually beyond belief.

It's things like this...
// Blogger umair // 5:37 AM

The America of Lincoln, Jackson and Washington were dreams, myths even. Dreams tied up into the very character of the Presidents. They symbolised what America wanted to be, wants to be and thinks it is.

They are America's philospher kings.
// Blogger Unknown // 12:28 PM

That's sickening. Head gear has always been a handy way to marginalize and stigmatize groups of undesirables:
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:07 PM

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