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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Politics of the Day

So let me get this straight: when the mayor of Nawlins says something stupid, it's apartheid, but when generations of institutionalized racism which create massive poverty traps lead to disproportionately hugely more not white people being affected by a natural disaster (not to mention a government that seems totally uninterested in helping them)'s not.


That makes so much sense.

About as much sense as, I don't know, intelligent design, attacking Iraq, or Barbara Walters.

-- umair // 10:37 AM // 4 comments


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// Blogger lennybrooks1326 // 3:44 PM

Are you calling Katrina racist? If the hurricane had hit a largely poor white area would it have been picking on white people who were forced into poverty by .... generations of other rich other white people? This post is nonsense.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:05 PM

That is the worst comment I have ever gotten, congrats.

If the hurricane had hit a largely poor white area - oh wait, the whole point is that **it's far more likely that black people are poor**, and so they'll be disproportionately affected when they **are hit**.

This, some might argue, is a big problem that we should be trying to fix.

// Blogger umair // 9:05 AM

Michelle is an idiot.
It's funny how no one is reporting that by and large, the white people in New Orleans LOVE Ray Nagin.
As a native i hope they put the place back together. I wanna go home.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:13 PM

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