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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Rise of the Edge: Why Edge Competencies Matter

Watch reconstruction happen in real-time: Digg Spy.

A viscerally powerful demonstration of value shifting to the edge: in this case, outside the boundaries of the firm itself.

A viscerally powerful demonstration of the most important concepts behind 2.0 strategy, and why they fundamentally upend the orthodoxies of 1.0 strategy: without understanding why openness, sharing, transparency, and zero intelligence, are deep sources of economic value creation - not just fuzzy, feelgood notions - Digg Spy, or reconstructors like it, couldn't even be conceptualized.

Finally, a viscerally powerful demonstration of strategy decay and competence traps - why the media industry is unable to leverage these new economics to build edge competencies: because the assumptions that must be overturned are deeply embedded in their core businesses, strategies - and ways of making of the world.

This is an important post; if you're a regular reader, I hope you'll click over, check the link for a while, watch it evolve, then come back here and re-read the post.

-- umair // 3:55 AM // 2 comments


Digg Spy is just rediculously cool!! We're in the process of a major rebuild/redesign of our site and i can honestly say that Digg is the standard against we judge ourselves.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:23 PM

I think that by using popular opinion to choose it's content digg is advocating the marginilisation of topics with possibly more weight and importance but with less mass apeal.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:54 AM

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