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Thursday, January 26, 2006


I would be really surprised if the rumour is true and Yahoo acquired Digg.

There are many reasons, all of which are fairly obvious...probably the most important is that it's a bit early for Digg to sell, if nothing else.

-- umair // 10:43 AM // 2 comments


One thing that was great about web 1.0 was the "we'll change the world" mentality, which had and undercurrent of "we'll never sell out".

It pains me to see the majority of so-called 2.0 companies sell out before they even got started.

Case in point, Weblogs Inc.

If you really thought blogs were going to have an impact akin to magazines from 1985-2005, would you really sell to a floundering conglomerate? had how many users when it sold for a supposed 30m to Yahoo? What? I guess cost of running the site comes into play at one time, but I liked the play for keeps attitude of web 1.0
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:43 AM

It's not good, but remember this: there are a lot of smart, creative, hard working folks who really believed and put their all into web 1.0 and got fuck all out of it.

Web 2.0 comes along and they are going to play things very differently. Get. Cash. Now.

"to miss out on one web boom is careless, to miss out on two is boneheaded".
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:35 PM

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