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Monday, January 16, 2006

Why I <3 4

You know, it's shows like this that really point out just how much American media sucks.

Whenever I make the mistake of turning on the TV here in SF, I get something that's essentially the media equivalent of a K-Car; made in a boardroom and meant to be as insipid and brain-dead as possible.

-- umair // 9:07 PM // 3 comments


it's a great show, and great that Ch4 did it, but Dawkins lets the side down - typical academic, he doesn't have the rhetorical sharpness in verbal battles with preachers to quite pull it off, IMHO.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:28 AM

That sucks...time to fire up BitTorrent and find out :)
// Blogger umair // 2:37 AM

shameless - now that channel 4 at its complete best
// Blogger marks ramblings // 5:16 AM

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