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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Economies of Scope

So is it just me or is the new Gmail + Chat bundling...well...very Yahoo?

Why is Google so hell-bent on chat anyways? I'm a little bit mystified. I don't think it is a real fit with their larger strategy.

Food for thought.

-- umair // 10:21 AM // 9 comments


IMO google's emphasis on chat is to assist in understanding the relationships of their users as well as what their users are talking about. this would assist in (1) more targetted advertising and (2) helping them advance their search algorithm to deliver more personalized results.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:28 PM

Very Hotmail as well since Hotmail has had this feature for some time.
// Blogger B.D. // 2:55 PM

I think it has everything to do with Google wanting to continue to snarfle up every bit of content possible, so it can sell more and more ads using the information that we all give away so promiscuously, even by using Blogger here. It really is a little bit creepy.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:56 PM

Dunno, realtime ads based on the topic of conversation sounds almost semi-useful (for an advertising thing at least) ... kinda like a commercialised chatbot?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:46 PM

"Dunno, realtime ads based on the topic of conversation sounds almost semi-useful . . . "

Exactly, and how much more edginess can you get then real-time conversations revolving around real questions/problems all saved and sortable. -- at the option of the user(s) of course -- they'll miss it or F*%_)* it up but doesn't mean somone else may not.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:50 PM

//rethinks, designs AJAXy front end... grabs handy within-reach chatbot experienced developer...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:48 PM

Two words - federated identity.

// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:44 PM

I get what you're saying, but it is different than Yahoo or Hotmail. I like the auto-saving of conversations, especially from the small business prospective.

The biggest problem though with Google Chat is that it will never be as successful in taking over the chat market as Gmail was in taking over the email talk. IM has been around for so long and Google is a really late player. Furthermore, each IM service is proprietary. I'd love to switch to Google Talk from AIM, but I can't convince my friends to use a second service. They've been using AIM for so long and all their friends use AIM and their friends' friends use AIM and so on and so forth. To get that whole network to move over to Google Talk so everyone is still only using one IM service ... well frankly it'll never happen.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:23 AM


Thx for the very insightful comments - I enjoyed reading them.

I think you guys are right, of course. Ad inventory is the name of the game.

I just question whether this is a domain where the benefits will outweigh the costs - as Anon has pointed out.

I don't know about the identity angle - it's interesting, but out of reach, IMHO.


If TIOTI had chatbots, you would be like 2.0^2 (4.0)!!
// Blogger umair // 3:26 AM

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