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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Edge Competencies - Plasticity Mini Case Study

"..."MySpace gives you more freedom to express yourself," said Zlatan Stankovic, 21, a sophomore at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, N.Y. "You can leave different kinds of comments, pictures, movies, stuff like that."

Link; on why MySpace is more successful than it's competitors.

There's a very big point in this little quote.

Let me try and put it as simply as possible. It's that plasticity is an edge competence: one of the things firms can do to make the edge strategically productive. When your edge is more productive than your competitors', you have built one of the only sources of sustainable advantage in the post-network economy.

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I recently posted some ideas on my blog discussing the popularity of MySpace. Although I believe that their strategy of initially targeting aspiring musicians was key, I think that the real "trick" they pulled off was adding presence to make their social network actionable.
// Blogger Hooman // 11:51 PM

Hey Hooman,

You are exactly right on both counts - nice one. I have a new paper coming out soon where I disucess exactly this :)
// Blogger umair // 12:39 AM

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