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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Politics of the Day - Abu Ghraib, pt 2

As if Darth Cheney shooting a friend in the face wasn't enough, here are more Abu Ghraib photos just leaked to the SMH (link to MeFi, pics link on from there).

God, these are disturbing - much worse than the last batch.

I've been waiting for these to be released; as I've pointed out before, the Post and the UN are both sitting on a CD of 600+ of these photos, which were showed to the Senate some time ago.

I think today I am not just ashamed to be am American - I feel literally sick after looking at these. I can't seem to find any words...



Just go look and see if you can get through all 15.

And a note on strategy to moron Dems: try using language the heartland understands to explain just why this is wrong. Say: "this is Satanic". No, I'm not kidding - not even a little bit.

-- umair // 3:04 AM // 3 comments


What's worse is to see Sen. McCain just rollover on this issue and play dead.

Any hunters out there will tell you there's no way No. 8 bird shot can penetrate a heart from 30 yards. It doesn't even penetrate a quail at 20 feet. The culture of lies is sickening.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:22 PM

The US military is evidently populated by a bunch of semi-retarded white trash hick homo-sexual wannabes...from the looks of those pictures.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:36 PM

It's pretty conceited to think that only Americans are capable of doing "Satanic" stuff. Just because you happen to find out about it. What about all the other places this kind of stuff happens. Are you ashamed of that with equal zeal?

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