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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Marketing 2.0 Crosses the Line Between Good and Evil

Ha ha. Lemme get this straight - exactly one day after I caution Edelman (and Rubel) that a lack of transparency is probably going to get them in does.

That's pretty rich.

Edelman's response:

"...Bloggers can take care of themselves in this evolving world."

I won't say much, except to reiterate that transparency is the basis of trust. Trust is a necessary building block of edge competencies.

Note to Rubel and Edelman: if you guys want to leverage the edge, you have to learn from your mistakes - not just shrug them off.

The question, despite what smart guys like Jarvis are saying, isn't really an ethical one; that's your mistake. It's a strategic one. You're much better of being transparent not so much because it's "right" (though it is) but because that's how self-selection happens at the edge. Without transparency, you guys will be the Yahoo of marketing 2.0 - trying, but never really learning.

This (lack of transparency) is probably also going to get Google in (deep) trouble this year as well.

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In the case of Google, are you referring to the lack of transparency with respect to their advertising model?
// Blogger isb // 8:56 AM

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