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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Forthcoming - a bunch of papers explaining the edge, edge competencies, strategy at the edge, etc, etc. I'm deciding whether to publish these as an ebook, individually, whatever - comment if you have a preference/idea/etc.

-- umair // 2:06 PM // 6 comments


It's gotta be conversational, so I vote a forum-style approach. Probably would be more conducive to you getting linked to, so if you're looking for more cred/brand-building, it would for you that way too, IMHO.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:27 PM

Hi Umair,
Likely stating the obvious that you are probably in the best position to judge, depending on the exact nature of the content. From what you've written previously about micro-chunking, perhaps that is the most beneficial delivery method to the client as it gives them most autonomy..?
I do think that kid mercury is on to something, though, in terms of increasing the interactivity of the information transfer. Giving folks access to a forum when they purchase the content and being able to discuss aspects of the content amongst each other (perhaps with you chiming in every now and again) is potentially very powerful. Community of learning etc.... Regards, Jonathan.
// Blogger Jonathan Dean // 9:37 PM

Hi Umair,

I would suggest an eBook as that's my personal preference. But if I observed it right the accessebility of your last such offering (100 pages PPT was recieved with criticism of being a humungous piece of jargonry).
So if you want to diffuse your piece of work to a large audience and have time to spend microchunking :) your work then you should give out in a series of posts.

// Blogger Rajan // 5:41 AM

Second the idea that content on BubbleGen has to be remix-ready microchunks. Egging on the edge in both form & content.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:44 PM

They should be web pages with hyperlinks, as well as available as individual PDFs.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:19 PM

wiki! wiki! wiki! ...
// Blogger Composing // 10:42 PM

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