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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Funny of the Day

"...The MSN team is working on a new Windows Live service, code-named Live Drive, that will provide users with a virtual hard drive for storing hosted personal data."

What a great idea! I can think of so many people who just can't wait to trust MS with their lives.

I'm being facetious. The point is that Microsoft would be better off investing in strategy before services - edge strategy, of which a vital component is trust.

-- umair // 4:16 PM // 4 comments


There is an actual need for this service.

Are you implying that a startup service like or Omnidrive is more trustworthy in this space than Microsoft?

I highly doubt that. In most cases people would trust their Windows OS less than Microsoft's online services. Hotmail has had its share of security problems but I would say it's well perceived by the general public.
// Anonymous Vlad Stesin // 8:28 PM

Yeah I mean come on - Microsoft should just sit on the sidelines while the hosted version all of its OS capabilities are owned by pure-play internet companies?

Sure people will start trusting Microsoft - once it comes out with a real security fix. In the meantime product groups doing this kind of stuff shouldn't have to wait while the strategy guys try to figure out the latest buzzword o the day.
// Blogger Dr. Chadblog // 4:27 PM

>Sure people will start trusting Microsoft - once it comes out with a real security fix.

I meant - users will trust Microsoft once they can come up with a secure OS that isn't a breeding ground for adware and virii.

While I'm on the topic of trust and Microsoft: developers and software companies, well we'll _never_ totally trust Microsoft after those "air supply" emails came out. But Microsoft is still in my opinion a much better platform vendor than say Apple who has absolutely no shame about cannibalizing the businesses of some of the people who have invested the most. Its actually kind of like a platform vendor has to be more vicious the smaller they are. The bigger they are, the less they need to flex their muscles. Its kind of like saying, the head of a mafia family most likely doesn't get into too many fistfights.

But to the real point, Microsoft isn't THE platform anymore; its ONE OF THE platforms. And the internet is the platform for platforms. So they will not be able to kill Amazon S3 or GDrive as easily as they could kill rivals back when everyone faithfully upgraded Windows every 2-3 years, and there was no internet where people could access programs very quickly. Developers can use S3 today. And Microsoft needs an offering in the hosted storage category without a doubt.
// Blogger Dr. Chadblog // 4:34 PM

Hi Guys,

The question isn't whether there are players even less trustworthy than MS, whether there are one or many platforms, or whether MS should "do nothing". Those are irrelevant to this question.

Try and think strategically for a second.

The point is simple: if you know trust underlies nearly any kind of strategy at the edge, and you haven't built any trust, you're much better off investing in trust than new products/services/businesses. Your returns will always be dominated if you do otherwise.

Thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 4:49 PM

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