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Thursday, April 06, 2006

London 2.0

Guys, London is far too dead 2.0wise. I know many of you out there are working on cool stuff.

So why don't we try and have a get together over a few pints for everyone interested in all things 2.0 in London?

You demo your stuff, other people check it out, cool things happen.

Please email me if you would like to attend/comment if you have a better idea.

If enough people are interested, I will find a place to host.

-- umair // 11:00 AM // 11 comments


I'm interested ... as would a few people I know. Paging Jones...?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:25 PM

Other people have been saying the same thing but there are events starting up that are beginning to build some web 2.0 social capital in London

There's the Beers and Innovation event that the NMK have started up as well as Second Chance Tuesday

Would be up for meeting up though - look out for the email
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:27 PM

Sure you would get interest. In addition to the NMK event, "Soflow": organise a regular monthly dinner and some of the team here went to last weeks 2.0 night organised by "magpiebrain":
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:37 PM

We have similar deal here in New Scott Heffernan at They have them the 1st week of every month in several cities.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:51 PM

I'm up for it. I'm a lecturer at London South Bank University, so if people want a day meet in an 'unconference' setting, I can get a room/s.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:19 PM

Could this be Europe 2.0 for people with little chances of having 'some-European-capital' 2.0 communities ?!
I wouldn't mind (based in Athens and hoping to launch a web app this year)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:52 PM

I�m based in Madrid. Any chance to organise another 2.0 meeting somewhere in Southern Europe?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:17 PM

The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. There's a ton of good digital media events on every week in London: Mobile Mondays, Wiki Wenesdays, Web Wednesdays, Girl Geek Dinners, Geek Dinners, Pizza On Rails, Web Design Meet Up, In Synch, Cass Creatives... and conferences every week too (of varying quality I admit) but I'd be interested to hear what you've got in mind!

BTW, in addition to the next Beers & Innovation on Mash Ups & Web Services on 27 April, we've also got the Content 2.0 conference coming up on 6 June

// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:09 AM

Of course, all the kool kids will be at Club Pub on wednesday...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:52 PM

Like Deirdre Molloy said, there is pretty much an event every other day in London now. If you would like to start another one, shoot go for it. London can certainly hold tons more events.

Don't forget to check out the Geekdinner event with Marc Canter -
// Blogger Ian Forrester // 9:43 PM

What a nice excuse for some pints :D

Always up for a good conversation
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:37 PM

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