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Thursday, April 13, 2006

More London 2.0

Guys, I am well into organizing London 2.0. The response has been pretty good. Thanks for all your emails.

I need a bit more info to kick things off.

1) You should let me know if you're interested in presenting something (paper/product demo/whatever).

2) You should let me know if you would prefer it just to be an open-form mixer (vs geek-out).

3) Finally, I am thinking of hosting it in conjunction with LBS (=London Business School). Please let me know if you think having beancounter MBAs around is going to freak you out and kill the vibe (or, possibly worse, turn you on).

4) You should let me know if you're interested in sponsoring.


0) The 2.0 in London 2.0 isn't Web 2.0. It's everything 2.0: = media, publishing, branding, marketing, etc. So tell your friends, colleagues, etc...

-- umair // 2:03 AM // 1 comments


any info on london 2.0? when is it?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:18 PM

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