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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Politics of the Day

Why do most Americans say they place such a high value on freedom, and then submit to small insanities like this?

This kind of thing would only fly in a few other countries - Saudi, Iran, the more war-torn parts of Africa. Anywhere else in the civilized know the score - people wouldn't stand for it. It's abusive and stupid.

What's the deal? Why are people in the States so scared of everything all the time?

Oh, right, I forgot - it's because most of our leaders are basically a bunch of whining babies.

-- umair // 2:28 PM // 2 comments


You wanna know why Americans put up with this stuff? Because our national religion is fear. Fear has been propogated in our society for years (Stalin/Lenin, Hitler/Japan, Korea, Cold War, Iraqis, etc.) When there is no tangible threat, something else is substituted. Thats just the way it is.
// Blogger Brian // 12:19 PM

Yup, you are absolutely correct, Brian. I continue to be amazed at how Americans are obsessed with fear of everything.
// Blogger Mahashunyam // 2:09 AM

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