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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Problems With 2.0

2.0 is supposed to be a deeply humanizing thing. Is it?

"...Day realized the value of focus after a misguided mashup of his politics and business.

''I used to have liberal politics on my website as well, but my mentor said, 'Dude, you gotta trim that off.' Which was fine because in the world of liberal politics I was just another piece of noise."

I face this tension all the time. Last week, after I responded to Steve Gillmor's idiotic attack one me, I received a ton of mail basically saying "dude, we're interested in your insights, not this nonsense".

In both cases, the problem is the same: blogs are reinforcing old divisions, not breaking them down. Will the same hold for the rest of 2.0? I think it is a very big question.

-- umair // 1:23 PM // 2 comments


Umair, I've been saying forever that 2.0 is not going to make us better people or change human nature. In many cases it just gives people new channels and individual megaphones for the same old crap.

What might have been personal dirty laundry between you and Steve Gillmor now gets aired in front of everybody.

Progress? You're certainly right to question.
// Anonymous Scott Karp // 5:38 PM

I claim that the best blogs are the ones where I get a true sense of the author, thorns and all. Perhaps this might not help leveraging your message to the widest audience, but it does strengthen any relationships that do emerge.

Much like business IRL, are you interested in a multitude of weak ties or a handful of strong ties? The win of blogging is turning the handful into a bushel; not neccesarily inreasing the multitude of anonymity.
// Anonymous Jordan // 6:14 PM

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