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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Edge Competencies - Breaking Advertising

Google's success at revolutionizing advertising from the edge, not the core, is inviting competition.

The next bit of the old dominant design to fall is TV upfront ad sales - an archaic, totally obsolete mechanism which is, at heart, responsible for the mind-numbingly tedious corn-fed drivel that is broadcast on network TV.

"...The upfront is on the tip of everybody�s tongue,� Roehm said. �By breaking it into smaller chunks, [starting with] something less overwhelming than the upfront, we can do it."

We talked about this before. But here's the really interesting bit. It looks like these guys have been reading Bubblegen - because they're talking squarely about microchunking.

The end game here is clear, as it is across consumer industries: radical innovators are beginning to understand the power of edge competencies. Increasingly, they will use market, networks, and communities to rescale and restructure the ancient, obsolete mechanisms that are repsonsible for so much of the homogeneity and blandness that characterize today's consumptionscape.

-- umair // 4:38 PM // 3 comments


You must be excited by the explosion of activity. And of course, all the offers to strategy boards....
// Blogger Unknown // 10:44 PM

I'm not clear on the advertising terminology here - what is "the upfront". Sorry to ask such a dumb question...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:57 AM

My bad - I see now, it's a US ad market thing, which appears to make no sense. How archaic.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:00 AM

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