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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So lately, I have been writing a lot.

I rely pretty heavily on a thesaurus when I'm writing seriously, to help me back off from sounding purely technical.

All of which leads me to ask: why, for the love of god, does the thesaurus in Microsoft Word absolutely, totally, suck?

Why does it blow to an almost incomprehensible degree?

It's like someone who's illiterate wrote this thesaurus. It doesn't speak the same english I do. Most of the recommendations it spits out are awful - they're irrelevant, based on bizarre idioms no one can actually use to write seriously, or just nonsensical.

I remember using a better thesaurus in WordPerfect - when I was like 8 years old!

The problems with complementarity - gawd.

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// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:49 AM

// Blogger Ken Carroll // 6:55 AM

Agree, its bloody awful. is the one for me, though at work we don't have a pop-up blocker and the adverts are incredibly shit. Any recommendations for a better online one?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:36 AM

A hunk of junk
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:01 PM

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