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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Next Big Things: Post-Branding

Lots of chatter about Google's foray into video pseudo-ppc ads, notable dissent Mike A (which is probably actually a very good sign for Google :)

What's the real game here? Simple: like we've been telling you, the next great media game is going to be squarely about making branding hyperefficient. Most of that interest is currently going to Fox.

So this move by Google is a tactic to draw more interest from branding guys, experiment to learn about how to make brands hyperefficient, etc. It's a first real foray into thinking strategically about how to disrupt, reshape, and rescale branding for the post-network economy.

Now, most of the chatter hinges on a simple and totally erroneous conclusion - people won't go for it, because they hate branded ads, and it will fail.

Certainly, that may be the case.

But that's either irrelevant, or it's actually a very good thing. Because Google's strategy is predicated on making millions of failures - amplifying the value of each. Failure is a deep source of advantage for players at the edge, because the marginal costs of experimentation are essentially zero.

Keep that in mind - because it's increasingly going to be what separates players like Google and MySpace from the rest of the pack (Yahoo/MSN/media players/etc), who don't understand the new rules of innovation.

Of course, if you wanna chat about what the brandscape will look like in coming years, drop me a line.

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