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Monday, May 15, 2006

Politics of the Day - When Reality is a Straw Man

"...I predict that his speechwriters will insult our intelligence and present unsustainable and bad argumentation supporting amnesty for border jumpers, including the strawman �We are a nation of immigrants!�"

From the incomparable LaShawn Barber.

The real question, of course, is whether Bush can simulate yet another war, this time with Mexico. My money is on yes.

Sometime in the distant future, when I'm old, gray, and only marginally cool anymore, historians will note the Fox Effect - an enormous, statistically proven bias in how divergent the beliefs of Fox News viewers are from reality - with something approaching awe.

So I think absolutely the American public can be fooled very nicely and easily - at least until my generation is old enough that the most evil form of media ever invented, TV, will finally be rotting in it's well-deserved grave.

-- umair // 3:54 PM // 5 comments


hehehe. The Lashawn link goes to the teletubbies site. Your hyper link looks correct...
// Blogger dhd // 5:10 PM


Wish I would have thought of that...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:36 PM

Very strange. I wonder why it goes to Teletubbies - I think she is redirecting bubblegen traffic, because the link is the right one...
// Blogger umair // 5:56 PM

The straw man argument is that no one has ever claimed to be against immigration in general or that America is not a nation of immigrants. Illegal immigration is what Americans have a problem with, not legal, and Bush knows this. His straw man will be part of the same bad argumentation he always uses.

-- La Shawn
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:51 PM

La Shawn,

I find it somewhat disturbing that you insist on informing people you're
christian. Really what difference does it make? If anything, it deters from your arguments because it indicates a propensity to believe in ummm, how do i put this midly, 2000 yr old bullshit?

Impeach Bush.
// Blogger dhd // 9:44 PM

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