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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Simulation Wars

You know, I haven't talked at all about Wii vs XBox Live/360/etc.

But I will.

For now, here's a killer quote:

"..."We did a controller like that eight years ago," said Scott Henson, Microsoft's director of platform strategy for games for Windows and Xbox. "It worked extremely well for a few games. But it's hard to see how it really applies to a lot of game experiences."

Nice one. Hubris lets us dismiss tomorrow's radical innovations - but it doesn't make them disappear. It is a key source of strategy decay.

And what's most interesting is that Henson - in typical Microsoftian fashion - thinks the controller is just an isolated piece of technology.

Of course, the whole point is that Nintendo focuses on crafting incredibly rich and lush experiences-as-games - while it's Microsoft that focuses on, well, being just another platform owner.

If Microsoft understood experience, they would be deeply afraid, because experiences are about emotional and sensory utility - and Nintendo, I suspect, is about to deliver that in spades (while Microsoft delivers another 5000 sequels to yesterday's stale, tired blockbusters and fading genres).

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