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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Two Steps Back

"...Yahoo's new ad system is designed to let marketers target prospective consumers not only by the search terms the people use, but also by their demographics, location and what they do on other areas of the Yahoo network, executives said."

Note: making better ads doesn't mean going back to yesterday. It means letting go of yesterday - disrupting it.

And, note, Yahoo's still talking the talk without walking the walk:

"...Lloyd Braun, head of the Yahoo Media Group, said the company is planning to offer licensed, original and user-generated content. "Community and personalization are going to be the key differentiators for us," he said."

I (really) won't hold my breath. If Yahoo's demonstrated anything in the last year or so, it's that the market is wiiiiide open for...uhhh...real community builders and peer production players.

Finally, note how similar Yahoo's pillars still are to my (now old) new media value chain (ppt).

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