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Friday, May 19, 2006

Umbria Listen to This

A strong candidate for worst domain name ever: umbrialistens. If you don't know, Umbria's in the pseudo-business of blog-mining; reflecting their own buzz back at brands.

No wonder marketers can't get the new marketing right. They can't even speak honestly about themselves!

In case it's not crystal clear. Listening implies the people talking know you're, well, listening. What Umbria is doing is eavesdropping.

Now, I know this sounds like a minor difference to you geeks. But it's a very big one from a branding point of view, because it means they're unabashed about bending the truth when it comes to consumers - not a great idea for a company whose business is built on the backs of consumers, huh?

And it tells us a great deal about Umbria's worldview, strategy, philosophy: that listening to the conversation - without adding to it - is how they plan to capture value. In other words, they plan to capture a lot of value, without creating much.

That's not just ultra-lame.

It should go without saying that that's how would-be players of all stripes - from VCs to entrepreneurs to analysts - get killed.

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I posted yesterday about their about lame.
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