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Monday, May 08, 2006

Warp Drive...Coming Soon!

So a spaceship can't actually travel faster than the speed of light. However it is theoretically possible to form a bubble of space fabric around it, and make that move > speed of light. Would lead to such cool things as arriving before you leave. (Would that mean Bush would become El Presidente before he got elected? Oh! That already happened!). Here's a quick list of requirements to enable warp travel (for those you with some spare time):

  • Discover Negative Energy
  • Devise a Way To Manipulate It
  • Harness Dark Energy
  • Build Bubble Brakes

While you're out pick up some dilithium crystals.

-- kh // 2:12 PM // 2 comments


warp drive will have to be renamed wrap drive.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:05 PM

hard to conceptualize when you are dealing with a 7-11 dimensional figure. they are better off imaginging time (whatever the hell time is anyways) as a piece of paper with two points on it. they can only connect when you fold one to the other (cite the filippenko equations).
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:03 PM

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