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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bubblegen 10 (15, 20, ...)

Guys, I am going to put together a list of startups (actually, one US, one Europe/global) I think are incredibly cool/beyond disruptive/will reshape industries and value chains/will crush Google and the incumbents of the universe like the puny little gnats they really are/you know the score.

This doesn't just mean the www 2.0 hipsters, it means anyone, everyone, all corners of the globe, all industries, etc. But since media is the industry in the most wrenching change, it will obviously be over-represented.

If you wanna be considered, or if you wanna rec someone, this is a good place to do it...

-- umair // 2:25 PM // 23 comments


edgeio - but you need to hear the story directly from us. not all is yet revealed.

// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:48 PM

callinsearch - VoIP, RSS, rich media etc in search - controlled by the URL (i.e. website owner)and the enduser (i.e. searcher) not GYM, Ebay, NewsCorp, Ajax or FIFA.
// Blogger phoneranger // 4:32 PM

Reevoo, real-world reviews. A UK start up that has shown in excess of 10,000,000 reviews across our retail partners, which include Comet, Currys, Dixons, Orange and Misco. All our reviews are either from confirmed purchasers or are aggregated from blogs.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:14 PM

Nanosolar and Konarka Technologies are about to change the economics of Solar energy with a completely new approach to harnessing clean solar energy
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:34 PM

Streampad - online music app that integrates p2p, playlist sharing and digital identity.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:11 PM

You should have found your expert on Qunu before asking this.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:45 PM

the 'Sugar daddy' model. liquidity, new capital, new interactions, lower barriers, scared music execs; the whole thing.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:32 PM

Check out pluggd for audio and video podcasts reaggregation.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:10 PM

hahaha - i know a bloke down the pub doing amazing things with magnets...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:16 AM

ChinesePod - using podcasting to re-define language training. Direct from Shanghai.

// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:23 AM

Umair, we're doing it, but we can't talk about it... Anyone who can, and is not already breaking through, probably isn't really doing it... (just a hunch)
// Blogger Simon E // 1:09 PM - web-based podcasting solution. Create audio, video podcasts and blogs. Search and subscribe to podcasts from all over the web via integrated directory. Web-based podcatcher enables easy management of podcasts and allows direct sync to iPods without the need for iTunes. Ajax, ROR, FOAF, JAVA and Flash working together provides a simple and unique end-user experience.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:45 PM

Squidoo is already doing interesting things, and has a larger strategy that I think you'd be interested to hear about. Drop us a line, we'd love to tell you more (
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:27 PM

// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:55 PM

How about the Beeb?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:31 PM

// Blogger Gen Kanai // 6:25 AM

Feed Rinse - RSS filter - new release coming shortly.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:56 AM

Hi Umair, please add us over here at to your list for consideration - Tx.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:48 PM

Umair - suggest Finland's Igglo (, with which I have no affiliation, I just think it's clever and disruptive. The site has basically taken a photo of every property in Helsinki and listed it with the strapline "your house is already on Igglo" (or close equivalent in Finnish, which I do not speak). Potential buyers then earmark neighbourhoods or buildings or houses they want to make offers on. It's the theory "everything is for sale for a price" made flesh.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:41 PM - world's biggest video search engine has indexed more than 4 million hours (and counting) of TV, news, movie clips, amateur video and podcasts. Brings back better results than web 1.0 search incumbents by using speech and visual recognition technologies (vs. simple keyword based search).
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:05 AM redefining micro-lending and philanthropy. Using the power of the internet to help people who've never even seen a computer...

We're a startup, hopefully we can play a part in re-defining and reshaping philanthropy as we know it.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:31 AM

RMX Direct is a web application that allows publishers to work directly with ad networks on the open Right Media Exchange, as well as traffic in their own outside ad networks and advertisers to compete in real-time auctions for every ad impression.

Essentially, free ad serving that determines the real-time value of every ad impression maximixing revenue for the publisher and fulfilling it via the Right Media Exchange or from the highest-paying 3rd party network.

Would love to talk further about this with whoever is interested.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:28 AM

Why of course..
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:30 AM

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