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Monday, June 05, 2006

Edge Competencies in Publishing 2.0

Nice NYT piece about publishing hits all the usual notes (you know the score, business model confusion, value chain disruption).

Perhaps more interesting to me is this very nice description of an edge competence: blur -

"...When Mark Z. Danielewski's second novel, "Only Revolutions," is published in September, it will include hundreds of margin notes listing moments in history suggested online by fans of his work. Nearly 60 of his contributors have already received galleys of the experimental book, which they're commenting about in a private forum at Mr. Danielewski's Web site,"

Blur means literally blurring the boundaries of a resource or good, making it accessible to parties external to the firm. These days, of course, as this example illustrates, the obvious choice is peers/prosumers. This example is especially interesting because it's a content creator leveraging peers directly - which is a trend that will accelerate, as the benefits become less and less opaque.

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