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Friday, June 23, 2006

How Not to Innovate

Business 2.0's killer list of 10 People Who Don't Matter holds deep lessons about how not to innovate - serious food for thought, great choice. More on this in a day or two.

-- umair // 12:12 PM // 4 comments


Ouch...the swift rise and fall of Mark Zuckerberg. Did in by greed?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:47 PM

Talk about innovation. I recently came across this cool starup at Boston, Their model is very unique and interesting, essentially turn your PC to a website so you can publish/share everything you want. I shared about 200+ party pics instantly with friends. Pretty cool.

There are lots of debates going on about user centric vs. server centric in Web2.0. This is definitely worth to watch as they could turn Internt distribution model upside down. There is another one "allpeers" in Europe trying to do similar thing and generated quite buzz but never delivered. could be the one.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:04 PM

I disagree on Linus,
It pre-supposes that he wanted to control it's evolution in the first place.

And if he did try to 'control' it more, would it have grown to be as useful (to the general public) as it currently is?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:57 AM

I wouldn't write Jonathan Schwartz off so lightly if I was them.
// Blogger Composing // 12:09 PM

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