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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup

So...does the World Cup suck so far or what. I'm pretty disappointed, I have to say.

-- umair // 3:47 PM // 10 comments


Yeah, instead of professional players, why don't we get the masses to run about on the pitch and see if they score a goal. We could call it Net 2.0.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:22 PM


I'm not sure if that's a dig or a joke...

But it's pretty funny either way :)
// Blogger umair // 4:34 PM

It's always like this in the early going. You'll see, it will get better.
// Blogger A.Q. // 6:17 PM

Eh, what world cup have you been watching? Precisely which game sucked? The only thing I can think of its the USA's drubbing by Czech and France v Switzerland...theres been *loads* of great games - particularly Argentina vs Ivory Coast, Angola vs Portugal, Spain vs Ukraine.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:56 PM

The less time you're watching the World Cup, the more time you have to write more of the mind-stretching posts I enjoy reading! Thanks in advance. :->
// Blogger Rohan Jayasekera // 10:27 PM

Hey John, you need to add Australia vs Japan to your list of great-games-so-far, Umair, yeah what world cup have you been watching? Even the opener was good...

// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:46 AM

Hey Guys,

I dunno, I just feel like the small teams aren't really going for the jugular (and in general people are playing *really* defensively) - at least in the 3 or 4 matches I've seen (germany/poland, brazil/croatia, argentina/ivory coast, iran/somebody).

But I'm looking fwd to today's matches quite a bit... :)
// Blogger umair // 1:28 PM

its awsome and it only gets better....
// Blogger marks ramblings // 4:57 AM

This is just the warm up baby, the next round is knock-out time....
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:54 AM

I love watching Ghana play; I'm looking forward to their match-up against Brasil.
// Blogger chris // 12:09 AM

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