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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup

France vs Spain - what a match. At the pub I was at - about 40 Spaniards and maybe 5 French guys - the French literally could not believe their eyes, then they were almost in tears.

Intense stuff, but the real question is - did Henri dive?

Here's a nice para from the Guardian:

"...This was torment for Spain to endure. With only one victory - and that in a friendly - over these opponents in 25 years, this had been billed as an opportunity to exact revenge but instead it has prolonged the nightmare. They fell flat, maintaining a sorry tradition in major finals. All the zest enjoyed in spanking Ukraine, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia was lost against France's weightier experience. Youth ran aground. Their time should still come but they must learn in bitter defeat."

Which also incidentally makes the writing in most American papers read like the clumsy bureaucratese it has devolved to. What a shame I can't read writing meant to stir something other than my wallet in most American papers (but that's another, old, boring story).

-- umair // 2:00 PM // 4 comments


France? Bah!

After Ghanas been knocked out, I will only be satisfied if Brazil or Italy win..

Just hoping Germany and France don't make it any further.
// Blogger chris // 2:51 PM

Yes he took a dive.

He must have attended this camp

He got a shoulder in his chest and grabbed his face. After that I was pulling for Spain.

Henry is not alone.

It is so un American to take a dive, it�s a soccer thing that only a true soccer (futball) nation can appreciate.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:55 PM

Henry is a brilliant player and I don't think he went to ground deliberately. BUT, it was NOT a foul and he went way down in my estimation for grabbing his face when it was clear there was no contact there. And the resulting free kick changed the game. I too was shouting for Spain as soon as that happened. Roll on Argentina V Germany. That should be a game to watch.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:22 PM

I think it was a foul. But he definitely overreacted. Puyol didn't touch his face. It's a shame. I think football is yearning for a throwback to the years of Charlton Jack and Bobby. Stand-up gentlemen who would never have thought of cheating. They beat the opposition on skill, stamina and will alone.

Btw Umair, I saw your comment on's frontpage. Nice one.

It was an awesome article. How are things?

Minh - From the Princess Louise.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:57 PM

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