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Monday, July 17, 2006


The utter retardedness of the modern American newspaper never ceases to amaze.

-- umair // 12:01 PM // 8 comments


like a vaudeville act that's gone on too long ... "play me off, johnny!"
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:59 PM

this is the #1 most viewed/emailed article on the Times website for days.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:43 PM

And that's exactly why you should be shorting nyt... (!)
// Blogger umair // 9:47 PM

I don't get it... exactly how does the popularity of a stupid article indicate that you should be shorting the publisher? You only know about it because nyt now exposes user behavior patterns anyway.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:35 PM

Um, the article is not stupid. Read it.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:24 PM

Right up there with "Life Coaches."

Get over it, get on with life, stop whining about your nearly-but-not-quite-perfect-existence (a favorite American pastime it seems).
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:58 AM

I also liked the article in many ways. It calls you to learn about your partner. It calls you to examine your own behaviours. To learn and exercise discipline. To keep on trying and be happy with any degree of success you might get. To share it with one another.

Where I come from, we call it Loving. Doesn't matter if it started out as a controlling idea, it created something new in their lives.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:20 AM

Hey Guys,

The popularity of stupid article=shorting because the media industry is getting more efficient; "infotainment" is not really a viable strategy in this kind of industry - esp for nytco.

As for the article itself, I'm happy some of you liked it - I thought it was built on a crazy premise; if you are applying Skinnerian conditioning to your husband/wife, you should probably...uhhh...just get a divorce.

But it is true interestingly that this would force you to learn (vs control).

Thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 12:18 PM

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