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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Lots of inquiries about how we work, etc.

OK. BGSL is a boutique strategy consultancy. We focus on the what you read about here - media, culture, strategy, innovation.

Like most consultancies, we structure work through a few different models: workshops, projects, and longer term advisory work. Topics are flexible, but generally related to our big themes - old media, new media, peer production, management and strategic innovation, the shift from core to edge, next-gen branding, etc.

Unlike many consultancies, we also cross the line into more traditional investment banking: we work with both the buy side and the sell side (investors, startups, acquirers, etc) on M&A, investment theses, and advise on targets, valuation, fundraising, strategic reviews/acquisition strategies, corporate finance, etc.

But perhaps the best way to discover all of this is just to get in touch and chat - it's a complex set of services which can't be canned into a neat blog post.

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