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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Guys, I just wanted to say thanks for giving me some space to discuss the issue of institutionalized racism.

It's something that I've been feeling more and more over the last couple of years, and I felt an obligation to share some of my thoughts/experiences with you.

It's not something that's easy or comfortable to write about, or, I'm sure, to comment on.

So thanks for the comments/discussion; I appreciate all of them.

I've got about one more big post to write on the topic, and then we will get back to much more media, 2.0, value creation/next-gen econ, why the venture industry is broken, creativity vs strategy, etc...

-- umair // 9:04 PM // 6 comments



I have been reading your blog and many others like it for quite some time (AVC, BuzzMachine, Giga-Om, etc).

You are all brilliant men, and we (your readers) are very lucky to hear about your experiences and insights.

Good luck with your next post-

I could write a lot more, about what's bothering you, and how brilliant people always have to deal with the ignorence of others in one form or another. However you're much smarter than I, so I'll shut up.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:20 PM

>>some space to discuss

That's why we're here. You have our gratitude in equal measure.

Cheers, Umair.
// Blogger Eric Robert Anderson // 10:37 PM

Thanks for this. Racism in the biz/tech world is just as prevelant as everywhere else and needs to be addressed.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:07 AM

Bro, when are you coming back...its been weeks and I need my bubblegen fix!
// Blogger KH // 3:46 AM

Really, now, you've got to come back soon.

I hope all is well.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:40 AM

Really, now, you've got to come back soon.

I hope all is well.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:40 AM

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