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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bubblegen 10 (15, 20...)

Guys, I feel like my upcoming list of startups is missing a few, I can't exactly put my finger on who or why, so more recs here if you want.

-- umair // 12:38 PM // 4 comments


I've just heard today about - it seems a good example of smart aggregation in a number of different ways, perhaps one of the things you're looking for.
// Anonymous Seamus McCauley // 2:37 PM

You know, I really really wanted that to be a site to get a plumber - some sort of locality vs auction market for plumbers who have a spare couple of hours between bigger jobs type thing. You never need a plumber until you need one...
// Anonymous paulpod // 3:34 PM - a microplatform for clubbing
// Anonymous jamescoops // 4:09 PM
// Blogger alberot // 6:44 PM

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