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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Laws of Social Media

Guys, I am dropping the price of my Laws of Social Media paper by 50% as promised long ago.

If you're interested in investing in new media, thinking about social media/consumer-generated content/peer production from a strategic point of view, understanding why Myspace works/why it's not a fad, thinking about creating value from revolutionizing branding/the social/the cultural, etc, you might want to read.

I am also thinking of offering a market map for the new media space - which is basically a less complicated version of what I use to think strategically about the state of play - you can contact me if you're interested in this (more on this in about a month or so).

-- umair // 9:37 PM // 10 comments


Umair, I'm interested in the laws of social media paper and in your other publications. Also interested in the new media map.

I hope you've received my e-mail, and I hope we can be in touch.
// Blogger Jeff De Cagna // 3:24 AM

I'm also really interested in social media from a strategic point of view. I've been blogging about communities and social media for a while at my swedish blog, together with marketing and PR issues.
I would love to read your paper.
// Anonymous Fredrik Wass // 10:44 AM

Hi Jeff,

I will be in touch,

Hi Fredrik,

You should email me.

Thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 12:05 PM

Hi Jeff,

I will be in touch,

Hi Fredrik,

You should email me.

Thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 12:05 PM

Hi Umair,

I emailed you some time ago asking about the price of your paper... but did not get a response from you.
// Blogger Emil Sotirov // 5:20 PM

Hi Emil,

Sorry about that, I will email you :)
// Blogger umair // 9:52 PM

I also emailed you 2 months or so ago re this paper and never received a response - I guess it paid off b/c now the price is discounted 50%!
// Blogger Joe Agliozzo // 12:27 AM

Hey Umair,

Like a couple of the others, I e-mailed you a while back and never heard from you either.

Here is my e-mail, would like to get a copy of the paper and the map sounds cool, too.

dinocrash at rogers dot com

// Anonymous Dino // 2:26 AM

still haven't heard back from you.
// Blogger Joe Agliozzo // 9:13 PM

Still haven't heard back from you (this is not a duplicate entry)
// Blogger Joe Agliozzo // 8:37 PM

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