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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Myspace vs the Blockbuster Economy

Nice example of strategy decay happening in real-time - highly recommended.

-- umair // 4:58 PM // 2 comments


wow - Kantrowitz should be looking for a new job today - that statement could screw things up for music on myspace in a really big way - I wonder if the rest of the company is as clueless about what they've built - verifies that myspace is a total fluke
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:25 AM

It's possible for new websites to return something tangible to artists - rather than some fashionable, intangible phooey, like "attention data".

I think this needs to be commented on. Does this point to a problem with the liquidity of attention data, or is attention just not that valuable in this context?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:28 AM

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