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Friday, August 25, 2006

Admin: Intern Wanted

Hi everyone, I'm looking for an intern to help me do a bit of research/editorial for my forthcoming book. Preferably a student doing undergrad/grad work in econ or an MBA. Bonus points if you can name at least three viral funpacks.

You don't get $$ (but if you're really desperate, we can talk), you do get time with me, an understanding of bleeding-edge strategy, potential contacts across the media/www/consumer space, and most importantly...insight.

Someone based in NYC/SF/London is also preferable.

-- umair // 1:37 PM // 6 comments


Cool. My name is Cindy Marshall, I'm 24, majoring in Econ, minor in Communications at UPenn. Would love to help you out. Uhh... I prefer to call funpacks "widgets", hope that doesn't disbar me. Based in Philly. Would I get a credit in the notes? (215) 898-643 - call me!
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:20 PM

You are writing a _book_? Why would the Web2.0 ´┐Żberguru run to the print media? According to your own theories, print media is dying on the vine, and yet it's the only way you can thik of to make money! Extraordinary how you don't see this as the ultimate hypocrisy. Guido Fawkes has the same problem.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:28 PM

Hey Anon (aka my fav troll),

Re print media "dying" - I've said otherwise on many occasions.

I'm writing a book first because many people have asked for it, and second because I love reading books - (obviously) not for the trivial amounts of money non-fiction books usually make.

Thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 9:15 PM

Hey Umair,

this is Chris from the "Media in Transition" Conference - please get in contact with me:

The Pope is coming the day after the conference on September 9th and our window for getting flights/hotel is closing rapidly, actually by the hour. So, we're getting a little nervous.

Email me your personal info by Monday (firstname/middle name/lastname/address/phone nr.) - so we can book your flight, while assuming your schedule is free on September 8th. Please erase this comment, since it is not related to the post.

Sincerely, Chris
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:28 AM

Been reading bubblegen for a while now, thanks to Fred @ A VC, and always enjoy your posts and insights.
I'm a "net native," studied International Political Econ. for undergrad, and have a M.S. in Business Info. Systems. Currently a research analyst (D.C.-based) and would be interested in helping you with your new book. Thanks.

Chris H.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 7:43 AM

I take it you mean maliciuos software in general?
1)zCodec Spyware
2)Clagge.B Trojan
3)Downloader.KCC Trojan

According to as of the 28/8/2006
PS Im not a smartass
// Blogger Will // 7:02 PM

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