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Friday, August 25, 2006

Industry Note: Facebook + MS = Error

Got a few emails for thoughts on Facebook + MSN deal.

I think it's pretty simple. MSN offered a sweeter deal, Facebook went for it. If the rumour is accurate, the offers on the table the Facebook kru turned down (justifiably so) tell us that money counts for them. Fair enough.

The larger context of this deal is that serving ads isn't going to make or break the next media revolution, which is going to be squarely about redefining branding.

But it's difficult to see how a supplier without edge competencies is going to have much success at revolutionizing branding. And if there's a single company in the world who I would pick to never, ever succeed at the edge, it's MS.

They violate nearly every single one of the new principles of management that are the roots of edge competencies every day (you know, transparency, sharing, all that good stuff). Being evil is in the Microsoftian DNA. Unfortunately, returns to evil must necessarily diminish in a world where markets, networks, and communities are redefining value creation.

It doesn't matter how much money they throw at redefining brands - in fact, more often than not, $$ kills innovation dead. Rather, what matters are all the things we keep talking about here - all of which are anathema to MS, etc, etc.

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Hey Umair,

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