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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More 2.0 Than 2.0

And the sad part is I'm only half-kidding (you know the score, plasticity, the social, etc). Somebody, do this right, and make $$$$.

-- umair // 4:26 PM // 3 comments


Start with a "celeb's and their Do's" blog, build up a nice big product and availability wiki with reviews... add a bit of YouTube video for tips & tricks, both by pros and the public; A bit of Flickr for pics of yer Do's; Attach a discussion to each element, that builds up the social side.

Create some groovy 'do my Do' interactive viral funpacks to promote the thing. Watch the richmedia haircare ad spots flood in... Job done. Or something.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:30 PM

OK, sorry, I'm thick.

You made that? Or you hacked an existing page in some way?

What's the idea? How is this different from the real thing?
// Blogger Composing // 4:40 AM


I didn't make it, it's just kind of one of the next hot markets for 2.0ification, see Paul's sarcasm/how to get rich quick guide.


These "viral funpacks" - where can I find them?!! That is such a great phrase, I'm doing a post on it.

Thx for the comments guys.
// Blogger umair // 11:57 AM

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