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Friday, August 25, 2006

Politics of the Day

"...Sati's gone, nobody in India burns widows, so when Indians immigrate to Sydney, or London or Toronto, they're not building pyres in the front yard for grandma anymore."

Surely - you jest?

"...multiculturalism isn't the first ideology founded on the denial of truth. You recall Herman Goering's memorable assertion that 'two plus two makes five, if the Fuhrer wills it'."

OK - maybe not...

"...Multiculturalism seems to operate to the same even-handedness as the old Cold War joke, in which the American tells the Soviet that 'in my country, everyone is free to criticise the President' and the Soviet guy replies 'same here! In my country everyone is free to criticise your President'."

I don't understand why people on the hard right are mostly so...uhh...dumb.

My kid sister could point out to this guy that comparing the USA and Soviet Union (or Afghanistan, etc) is not exactly worthy of any kind of debate - it's just empty rhetoric.

Or that "multiculturalism" is a social ideal, not a political one, and that he's just comparing apples and oranges, and telling us apples aren't orange.

But what's the point.

-- umair // 7:08 PM // 1 comments


I have never heard of this mark steyn character before. Seems like a friend of Rush Limbaugh.

I am sure one can come up with a stupid custom from what he calls 'western society' of few hundred years ago to counter his argument. But that would be as meaningless as his exercise.

This reminds me of a funny quote credited to Gandhi (not sure if this is true or not). Some western media person asks Gandhi what he thought of western civilization. Gandhi replies 'that would be a good idea'.

PS: I respect all cultures and the above quote was intended to be in jest.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:34 PM

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