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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Racism of the Day

LaShawn asks:

"Last year while on a flight back to D.C. after a road trip, I saw several men I suspected were up to no good. They were young men of Middle Eastern appearance, and one in particular was acting suspiciously...

...Do you have a �Muslims on a plane� story?"

What a coincidence, LaShawn!"�!%!

Why, in fact, I do have a "Muslims on a Plane" story.

A couple of weeks ago, I flew first-class to JFK, thanks to a very nice client. I hung out at the lounge, went to the spa, got on the plane, drank lots of champagne, revised my presentation, flirted with the cute stewardess, watched half of a crap movie, read half of a great book, took a nap, and had a very nice meal. It rocked.

Then, two days later, I did it all over again.

Amazingly enough, neither of the planes blew up.

OMG teh terror!%!!%!%^^%%!

NB - Sarcasm aside, the absolutely greatest part of LaShawn's post is her argument:

"...As a human being, I can�t help but regret and even resent the pain of others. But pain is part of a fallen world. I can support profiling and � incredible as it may seem � feel bad that it has to be done."

Now, note that this appeal to religion is uhhh.....exactly the same logic that justified the Inquisition. Or even....uhhh....suicide bombing - just replace "profiling" with "blowing people up" - see how easy that was!

Oh, the irony.

-- umair // 3:53 PM // 2 comments


What an odd person. If she believes so ardently - as her blog claims at some length - in Jesus Christ and the bliss of eternal salvation, what is it she fears so much about the threat posed by terrorists blowing up a plane she's on? Terrorism relies (at least in part) on inspiring the fear of death in its enemies. I would imagine so allegedly devout a Christian least susceptible to that threat - indeed, if she thought it through I'd expect her to consider it little more than a bluff on the part of her fellow Abrahamists to "threaten" to despatch her heavenward a little early. (It's quite a nice application of Stiglitz's screening theory - if someone claims to be a devout christian and a believer in the life everlasting, you can test the sincerity of this belief by threatening to blow them up and see how far they'll bend the moral code of their alleged faith to avoid that fate...)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:46 PM

so u flirted with the cute stewardess huh.....
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:30 PM

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