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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Hi everyone, this is an open thread for admin stuff. Burning issues, stuff I've missed but you want discussed, etc...

Also, I would like to add some Drupalish community features to bubblegen for everyone to enjoy.

So, I need someone more technologically competent than myself to discuss and help install these...I would be eternally grateful if you can help.

-- umair // 10:59 AM // 3 comments


Hi Umair

I might be able to help you out Technically depending on what it is you need of course.

Lets discuss tonight at the get together.

P.S. I could probably tip up a little earlier to discuss this before the meeting if you like,just email me (al at

// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:08 PM

I know there have been many discussion on Myspace, but I would like to hear a bit about some of Myspaces' and FIM's strategic errors with Myspace.

Some possible errors could pertain to FIM's attempt to apply a portal model, or failure to implement proportional and scalable value capture from the next-gen branding that goes on there.

I know we have recently discussed YouTube's failings, which are related to their limited position in the new media value chain. I think it would be enlightening to hear about how Myspace has missed the boat even though they do occupy a much better position than YouTube, stretching along several points in the chain instead of one, but I think they are still failing to capture the value they could be.

Would this be alright or is this too much of a dead-horse issue?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:05 AM

hi umair:

I'd talk to a local drupal group.

Not sure if you are in London or Toronto.

London: Robert Castelo should be help to help directly or refer:

Toronto: Ask the Toronto Drupal group:

Roland (in Vancouver)
// Blogger Roland Tanglao // 6:29 AM

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