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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How Not to Think Strategically About the Future of Media, Consultants Edition

"...What will it take to win? ...Distributors and creators should focus on the content management that sits between distribution and content creation. Distributors should buy the content that will generate the highest return on investment from their customer base. Creators should sell their products through whatever combination of platforms generates the most revenue. companies need to know more about their customers than the customers know about themselves. They must anticipate customers’ changing preferences and rapidly turn those insights into new offerings."


I should invest...where I will capture the most returns? I should learn...about consumers!? Main screen turn on, you are on the way to destruction!!!

Note to FT: Ask me nicely for a quick article next time or something.

-- umair // 6:35 PM // 7 comments


now. now, boys. across the pond we learned at sipa to speak respectfully to our media peers. on the note of media, umair get in touch if we need to work on media coverage for you stateside.
// Blogger Unknown // 7:25 PM

Um...what happened to the other anonymous post?

You're not censoring your blog are you Umair?
// Blogger KH // 1:25 AM


Posts with personal attacks get deleted.

This is my blog. It's distinctly not a place for random people to spew nonsense and kill the conversation.

"Censorship" is a lame and pretty stupid accusation - because commenting here is a privilege, not a right.

Thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 1:35 AM

and to think I thought censorship meant the control of expression by an authoritarian figure...

The reason I asked about the post was because I saw it was there, made a mental note to come back and read it later on, and it was gone.

I had no idea you'd get so upset.

Actually, I'm shocked at your response.

You should have just deleted my earlier post in accordance with your own deletion policy.

Not cool, bro - even if it is your blog.

I should add that this doesn't change the fact that I think there is great value in the information you provide.

Keep up the good work

// Blogger KH // 6:15 AM

Actually this is funny.

Stowe Boyd is just complaining over on his blog that openBC didn't let him create his own group, opining "what they need to do is scrap the centralized control and hand group formation over to the edglings".

How ironic Umair's partner in Web 2.0 consulting sees his access to do whatever he wishes with that private company's resources as a right, and not a privilege...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:38 AM


I'm not upset in the least. And I don't know why you'd be shocked.

If you want the privilege of having a conversation with me/everyone else here, speak civilly. It's a pretty simple equation.

Whether or not you think that's cool, "censorship" it ain't.

Thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 10:56 AM

NB - Stowe is not my "partner" in some kind of joint consultancy. BGSL is independent as is Stowe's practice.
// Blogger umair // 10:58 AM

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