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Friday, September 08, 2006

Somebody Set Up Us the Book

Hi guys, I am just finishing up my book, and I would like to consider a few more examples of interesting markets, networks, and communities that I have perhaps not considered.

These don't have to be strictly "2.0" - there are interesting markets, networks, and communities far outside it (example).

Leave a comment here if you want to rec someone/yourself (and remember I have the obvious ones covered :)

Thanks for suggestions.

-- umair // 12:29 PM // 7 comments

Comments: - an example of dis- and re-aggregating content in interesting ways. They take over 100 sources of education materials (encyclopedias, essays, biographies, study guides, criticism, ebooks, Wikipedia) and break them apart, then recombine them by topic. Similar to, but really has depth of content; less of a "dictionary-plus" and more of an "encyclopedia-plus," if you know what I mean. Some good examples: Hamlet and Acid rain.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:10 PM

I'd humbly throw out my nascent Brave New Theaters - a marketplace hooking up filmmakers and activists.

See today's Chicago Tribune.
// Blogger Jim Gilliam // 6:15 PM

Check, they use amazon webservices to compare the price of a product at each one of their stores, offer currency conversion, detects your country and adds shipping.. Ideal for international users..

Give them webservices and they bite you back eroding margins of your global business x)) I really believed that amazon was going to send a kind of c&d letter but seems that they are happy with it (an even featured on their webservices blog)..
// Anonymous Anonymous // 10:32 PM

Probably a bit too traditional for you. But I'm interested what you think of this year's trend for big-name blogs to get into the niche job-board game :

Definitely breaking things down to a much finer granularity.
// Blogger Composing // 11:00 PM

I think is very intersting. It's an example of community lending.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:25 AM

Spect you've seen BookCrossing: in case not,

Also Channel 101 seems to get astonishingly little press for a bona fide media innovation; see Gareth Stack on the subject here and the thing itself here
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:13 PM

check out, not the US site, but the korean one.

why? it IS just yet another social network site, right? nope...

it has a working internal economy, its own currency, etc...

this site is the only social network (to my knowledge) that has been able to capitalize on its social/user network. (not an advertising BM, though... it still is not able to monetize its pageviews, but well, who cares... it has a 200m$ economy)
// Blogger mundus vult decipi // 2:15 AM

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