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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beers & Innovation

I spoke last night at NMK's latest Beers & Innovation, which was quite fun - the discussion got a bit heated at times, which is usually a good sign. Interesting conversations and people, although I guess the fact that things did get contentious meant some people are...errr...not my friends.

Thanks to the NMK kru for inviting me.

-- umair // 1:38 PM // 6 comments


Well, OK, the constraints of blank verse can make a man cruel! Sorry, Umair - I just have an inherent preference for hearing about sites that people have created and how they work, rather than the meta-level. Nothing personal as such - though I do think you were pretty damn rude (in being very dismissive) to some of your interlocutors.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:58 PM


Nothing personal taken, it was pretty funny. Would be interested to hear who/what you felt I dismissed though :)

Thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 5:05 PM

Link is broken.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:34 AM

I thought you did a great job mixing it up. It's meant to be about lively debate and that sometimes involves a little disagreement, non?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:53 PM

Hey James,

Thanks, and thx for your question that night which kicked off the discussion!!
// Blogger umair // 9:19 PM

Hi Umair,

B&I isn't meant to be a love-in and I think people really appreciate the diverse points of view expressed. As well as facilitating open debate it's supposed to be about bringing different disciplines and perspectives together; sometimes useful progressions even come out if it... Not argument for the sake of it, but because peope are challenging each other and getting a broader perspective that way. Everyone I spoke to thought it was a great night and a very enlightening discussion.

Thanks again for taking part. Sorry for the delay in contributing. Madness of 3 nights out at events in a row and changing jobs etc.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:28 PM

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