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Sunday, October 01, 2006


I'm a little confused.

Is this is Valley marketing guys (sorry, have to be blunt) doing a bit of an artless bubblegen rip-off, or just a coincidence?

NB - No, I'm not going to do the Mike Arrington/Tim O'Reilly copyright shuffle. That's counterproductive (not to mention incredibly lame because it's umm fairly hypocritical).

-- umair // 11:37 PM // 10 comments


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - but only when it's linked...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 12:56 PM

I'm confused too. Given that he never explained why he uses the term "Bubble Generation" nor did he define what the term meant makes it even more difficult to ascertain whether or not it is a knock-off or a coincidence. Nevertheless, if he was trying to get a spike in traffic from using your name, you just gave it to him. :-)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 1:53 PM

It's trademark, not copyright. And you might want to do something (regardless of any hypocrisy) if you value this brand you've got.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:52 PM

Oh. My. God. You are going to the defence of your blog name? Seriously, have you lost it?
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:24 PM

umair -- it's not just that post, but also he has a tagline in the top right corner.

and of course a glance at his blogroll makes it hard to believe that he doesn't know about BGSL ...

brian -- if i may correct your correction, it's a service mark, not a trademark.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 5:59 PM

dont change the name of your site! Bubble Generation is just a great term on many levels, when I first started reading I assumed u were talking about creating bubbles (generating them).. hehe.

Who cares what some idiot writes/jacks? He's just repurposing... very 2.0 :)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:23 PM

Hey Guys,

To be honest, I'm not hugely concerned, I found it kind of wierd + confusing more than anything else...

Thx for the comments.
// Blogger umair // 10:49 PM

I suspect it's pseudo-independent creation, with a slightly different intended meaning, but arising from many of the same inspirations.

The term is 'out there' beyond BGSL usage. In Japan it seems to be a derogatory term for people of came-of-age in the boom 80s and early 90s:

Bill Burnham used 'bubble generation' in a May BusinessWeek quote as a largely literal term for people made cautious by their experience in the Web 1.0 bubble:

BTW, what's up with the alternate names (decentralizedGeneration, prosumerGeneration) lately?
// Blogger Gordon Mohr // 7:07 AM

Hey Umair, to be honest man, the site is better than yours on the subject. Besides, you've changed your name so many times you gave up the mantle long ago...
// Anonymous Anonymous // 9:26 PM

I'm guessing you're Tom...

The point isn't better or worse.

If you think "bemes" are insightful, that's great - it's far removed from the work I do.

The point is rip-offness.

// Blogger umair // 2:00 PM

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