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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Innovation Wednesdays

Don't forget - Innovation Wednesday get-together tomorrow, same place, same time (7-9pm at Coco Momo, on the corner of Paddington St and Marylebone High St).

Everyone is welcome, bring a friend, etc.

Tomorrow we will be discussing (what else) GoogTube vs deal math, GoogTube vs strategy, GoogTube vs branding, dudeliness, etc...

As always, leave topic suggestions in comments if there's other burning stuff you wanna talk about.

-- umair // 3:42 PM // 5 comments


i propose we call them... tooble
// Anonymous Anonymous // 4:28 PM

YouGoo ?
// Blogger Marshmallow // 1:38 PM

I'll post this thought here, for lack of a better place to put it. If media had business value instead of a price, would the ability to achieve network effects, viral effects, and distributed economies be expressed in polynomial (or combinatorial) level business value (rather than profits)?

Let me elaborate....

At NanoLearning we're microchunking peer produced learning, and letting people sell it in a marketplace. Kind of like the eBay of learning. A major request is for private knowledge pools inside corporations. In a company of 50,000 people (network effects) that are creating learning chunks, sharing, remixing, and making "playlists" (viral, distributed) are they seeing combinatorial business value (instead of profits)?

Just wondering if you think there is a direct parallel.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:38 PM

GooTube is tonight's topic? Surprising: I assumed we'd be discussing aggregation tonight to save you writing a speech for next week's Beers & Innovstion... ;)
// Anonymous Anonymous // 3:55 PM

Bubble generation changed since quite some time, now Bubble -> Collective :) What is the reasoning ?

// Blogger Rajan // 5:03 PM

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