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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Open Thread

It should go without saying, but if you're voting today (be it blue or red), be prepared for a bit of pain.

I'm already reading about (and getting plenty of emails about) long lines, machines not working, etc, etc.

I'm sure this will get much uglier as the day goes on.

Here's an almost real-time map of voting irregularities/problems nationwide (this really should have been mashed up...).

Feel free to comment away about your experiences.

-- umair // 1:09 PM // 4 comments


No politicians on the street like usual. No lines at 7:15. No drama as I voted at 52nd and 2nd in Manhattan. No contest here in New York.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 2:02 PM

Boston Upper Bellingham: bloggers log entry: going east/north; exit: running all through into Orient North. Sorted under clearing "K" scheme - usually many additions in realtime, including some additions counted only/cast knocking.
// Anonymous Anonymous // 6:42 PM

Ah, the beauty of mail in voting in Washington state. No lines, no hassels. Just sit down with a cup of coffee on a morning, research issues/candidates that I'm not sure about, and drop it in the mail the next day.
// Blogger B.D. // 7:48 PM

Awww - the map is down.

Is this the start of a new phenomenon - "the bubblegen effect"?

// Blogger KH // 2:03 AM

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