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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Failure of Creative Commons. Pt 17385

Psiphon - by Soros and U of T - allows those living behind national firewalls to surf the (real) net.

The deafening silence from the Creative Commons kru - in terms of putting their money where their mouth is about creating a global property rights revolution - roars on...

The lesson is one the whole new media/2.0/valley kru should heed: think bigger. The ideas we're toying with are much more powerful than we give them credit for.

Finding your next pair of ratty jeans is cool, but helping the victimized and oppressed discover opportunity is a lot cooler.

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What would recommend that CC or the rest of us should do to further a global digital property rights revolution?
// Blogger Harold Jarche // 4:14 PM

Hey Harold,

I've talked about this at length - I think the CC kru should think a bit strategically.

Licenses are nice, but don't count for much if the rest of the value chain isn't also "free" in any meaningful sense.

Who cares if I can remix Britney Spears if my government censors the BBC?!

So far, the value chain just belongs to Google - which really doesn't count - viz their recent lameness in China (which sucks so hard, it's awesome).

How about a public search engine? How about things like Psiphon? That's what the CC kru should be doing (if they're not just dilettante-ing around).

Thx for the comment.
// Blogger umair // 4:19 PM

still, raw denim is really cool
// Anonymous Anonymous // 8:35 PM

lol, tell me (and my fast dwindling cashflow) about it :)
// Blogger umair // 8:43 PM

The upside of it is though, when you do get a pair, albeit an extremely expensive purchase, you can expect to wear them religiously for at least 6mo... which means you won't need another pair for a while.

I still buy more though (sadly).
// Anonymous Anonymous // 11:52 PM

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